Development Groups

In 2011 the Agricultural Society saw an opportunity to become more involved in the future of the Musquodoboit Valley and take a lead in facilitating a community strategic planning process. They formed a sub-committee to undertake a strategic community planning initiative for the Musquodoboit Valley.  The intent was to engage the community in discussions about what the future of our community should be and to create a strategic plan that works towards our vision.  The goal is to develop a sense of pride in our community and provide a stronger economic situation.

The sub-committee has been working hard since November 2011 on Phase 1 of the initiative.  Phase 1 began with initial meetings in the community to help determine what the topics of the discussion groups should be.  Key community leaders were then invited to attend discussion group meetings on 9 different topics.  From these meetings a better understanding of the issues and challenges each group faced and key ideas they had for future developments was gathered.  Numerous meetings were held in January, February, March and April where various speakers were brought in who could provide other community perspectives, educate our residents on the topic and provide opportunities and ideas for discussion.  Gathered research was shared and discussions were held with the groups to find out where they see opportunities in the future.  These topics areas included; Small Business, Technology, Local Food, Community Housing, Forestry, Health & Recreation, Local Energy, Tourism and Community Promotion and Local Governance.

A summary of our findings and actions moving forward can be found in the Musq Valley Business Plan June 2012.

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